About UniSignal

UniSignal Inc. is a dynamic company, located in the south shore of Montreal, to provide state of the art cabling and packaging solutions and products for fiber optic sensing applications in the oil and gas industry.

UniSignal is specialized in designing, fabricating and marketing distributed fiber optic sensing cables and sensors, especially for challenging and demanding environments of high temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion and the existence of hydrogen.

With an innovative development in fiber optic cabling engineering, UniSignal is in a unique position to deliver markets the most durable and the best optically functional distributed sensing cables in the world for temperature, acoustics, strain and pressure monitoring.

UniSignal also has a full capability of providing distributed fiber optic sensor cabling solutions to the energy, civil, military and homeland security industries.

UniSignal possesses diversified potentials and expertises, and offers different levels of contract services. Working closely with customers is the key to UniSignal excellence and success. UniSignal takes challenges from customers and help them solve problems that other companies cannot.

UniScableTM, Product Features

UniSignal Cable Image

Compared to conventional products, UniSignal fiber  optic sensing cables, UniScableTM possess the following features:
- Tension free on fiber during cable fabrication;
- Tension free on fiber during temperature sensing;

- Contamination and hydrogen free (no machine oil inside cable);
- The lowest optical power loss;
- Reliable for use within the temperature range of -269C to 700C, the pressure range of 0 to 179MPa (26,000psi);
- High resistance to hydrogen and corrosive environments;
- Ensured hermeticity through high pressure testing;
- Suitable for a hermetic tip termination or cable/point sensor integration;
- Easy manipulation and no worry about kinking;
- Ruggedized for different approaches of installation. › More...