Fiber Optic Sensing Cables

Importance of the fiber optic sensing applications in the oil and gas industry has been rapidly recognized. The industry employs very specific cabling and integration requirements to ensure safety, productivity and durability in the harsh environments, often encountered in downhole, with high temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion and the existence of hydrogen. UniSignal is the global leader in developing and providing the most advanced solution in solving the real-world fiber optic sensing cable challenges.

With an innovative development in fiber optic cabling engineering, which permits a high degree of flexibility in employing materials and sizes to form the best customization, we are able to provide the oil and gas industry the most durable and the best optically functional fiber optic sensing cables for the downhole monitoring applications.

Based on the innovative cabling platform, UniSignal can deliver markets the distributed fiber optic sensing cables for temperature, acoustics, strain, pressure measurements and the data transmission cables for single point sensors.

Compared to conventional products, UniSignal fiber optic sensing cables, UniScableTM, possess the following features:

• Tension free on fiber during cable fabrication;
• Tension free on fiber during temperature sensing;
• Contamination and hydrogen free (no machine oil inside cable);
• The lowest optical power loss;
• Reliable for use in high temperature up to 700C, high pressure up to 179MPa (26,000psi);
• High resistance to hydrogen and corrosive environments;
• Ensured hermeticity through high pressure testing;
• Suitable for a hermetic tip termination or cable/point sensor integration;
• Easy manipulation and no worry about kinking;
• Ruggedized for different approaches of installation.

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 Single Point Fiber Optic Sensors

UniSignal also provides markets single point fiber optic sensors for temperature (up to 700C), pressure(up to 20,000psi), strain and moisture measurements.

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