UniSignal Inc. has resources, expertise and experience to offer varying levels of contract services in all the phases of cabling including design, prototype, assembly and installation from initial concept through practical model based on customers’ needs and requirements. Our typical services include, but are not limited to:

Fiber Optic Sensing Cables:

• Mechanical strength analysis;
• Corrosion analysis;
• Cable repair (on-site or off-site);
• Tip termination (on-site or off-site);
• Splice and integration (on-site or off-site);
• High pressure testing (on-site or off-site);
• Field installation.

Single Point Fiber Optic Sensors:

• Packaging design;
• Mandrel design;
• Prototyping;
• Testing;
• Assembly;
• Repair;
• Calibration.

To ensure customer’s complete satisfaction is the key to UniSignal success. UniSignal takes challenges from customers and help them solve problems that other companies cannot.

For more information on our services, please Contact us and our UniSignal Specialists will gladly give you prompt response that answers your needs and specifications.