Fiber Optic Sensing Cables Specifications Documents

Cable Type Application Temperature Specification Document
DTS_CAL1001P 300C DTSCableSpecs_300_CAL1001P PDF symbol
DTS_CAE2001P 300C DTSCableSpecs_300_CAE2001P PDF symbol
DTS_CSS1001P 300C DTSCableSpecs_300_CSS1001P PDF symbol
DTS_CAL1001L 400C DTSCableSpecs_400_CAL1001L PDF symbol
DTS_CAE2001L 400C DTSCableSpecs_400_CAE2001L PDF symbol
DTS_CAL2001J 700C DTSCableSpecs_700_CAL2001J PDF symbol
DTS_CAE2001J 700C DTSCableSpecs_700_CAE2001J PDF symbol
FBG_CAL1001P 300C FBGCableSpecs_300_CAL1001P PDF symbol
FBG_CAE2001P 300C FBGCableSpecs_300_CAE2001P PDF symbol
FBG_CSS1001P 300C FBGCableSpecs_300_CSS1001P PDF symbol
DTSS_C21 300C Strain/Temperature Cable Specifications PDF symbol

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